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If your sales arent working it is because no one knows you.  Talk to Robert Syslo who built Grant Cardone’s Celebrity status, get more traffic, and close those deals you are missing.

  • If you’re sales aren’t working its because no one knows you..
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Branding is about not focusing on one vertical platform but all of them. It is not about one post on Facebook today, no it is about taking your content from all of your platforms and spreading them across all the platforms daily.  Mark permanently the digital space with your presence and increase your sales.

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See our product selection video production, advertising/branding campaigns, and show development all custom tailored.

Video Creation

  • *Bulk Pricing Available
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Branding Platinum

  • 6 Months Branding Campaign
  • Distribution on Grant Cardone TV
  • 2x30 Second Advertisements
  • 2 x Tweets per day
  • 1 x Facebook Post Per Day
  • 1 GCTV Email Broadcast
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Branding Ultimate

  • 12 Month Brand Awareness Campaign
  • Distribution on Grant Cardone TV
  • 4 x 30 Second Advertisements
  • 2 x Tweets per day
  • 1 x Facebook post per day
  • 1 GCTV Email Broadcast per week
  • 1 Ask the Pro Interview with Robert Syslo
  • Social Media Consult 2 x Week
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Branding Celebrity

  • 12 Month Show Distribution
  • Prime Grant Cardone TV Placement
  • 1 x GCTV Email Broadcast per Week
  • Custom Webpage Creation
  • 5 Shows per Week
  • 2 x Tweets Per Day
  • 1 x Facebook Post Per Day
  • Custom 60 Second Show Trailer
  • Social Media Consultation
  • Interview on Ask the Pro with Robert Syslo
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