Case Studies

Interviews, blog posts and comments can say a lot about a product, but so can statistics. We have combined the two for you in our case studies. These are our users who took the time to tell us how exactly they use 10X Productions and how it has helped them in their work.

Burnworth Zollars Auto

Burnworth Zollars Auto has two Facebook campaigns through 10X Productions. Their Ford Drive Campaign began March 20, 2018. Since then, they have reached 59,299 people. Their ads have been seen 175,256 times and clicked on 1,182 times. Burnworth Zollars Auto has a budget of $10,500 and for this campaign has only spent $930.28. Their second campaign or main campaign began March 30, 2018. Since it’s launch they reached 25,935 people. Their ads have been seen a total of 223,171 times and has been clicked on 2,053 times. They have only spent 1,476.25 of their $10,500 ad budget. In total they have reached 85,234 been seen by 398,427 and clicked 3,235 while only spending $2,406.53 of their $10,500 ad budget in two weeks.


Fast Fit Body Sculpting

Fast Fit has a budget of $14,000 for ad funding we’ve spent $9,169.45.
Within the first two weeks of advertising with 10X Productions Fast Fit has been able to reach 247,934 people. In the same amount of time their ad was shown 709,863 times and the links were clicked 3,869 times. From the link clicks 2,376 people actually viewed their website. Prior to 10X they were reaching about 6,000 people a week.
During the second week we initiated the The “Call Now” campaign. It launched March
27, 2018. By March 30, 2018 we received over 30 link clicks to the actual call now
button which immediately directs the viewer to call 1800-FastFit. Previously they were receiving about 4 a week.


Silver Corp

Silver Corp has a budget of $7,000 for ad funding we’ve spent $1,102.08.
Silver Corp began advertising with 10X Productions since March 23, 2018. They have been able to reach 63,076 people by March 30, 2018. In the same amount of time their ad was shown 81,082 times and the links were clicked 1,079 times. They have to potential to reach. 180,000

Within 8 days they have had 5,314 views to there online content. There ad has been shown 20,948 times and only cost $519.07.

Since March 23,2018 ​they’ve received over 40 likes and over 30 shares.

Silver Corp superintendents of schools and parents with children 0-18 years of age nationally.